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BlogBalloon decoration for birthday: fantastic 4 ideas to try!

Balloon decoration for birthday: fantastic 4 ideas to try!

Birthdays are always very special! Whether it is the first birthday of your child or the 100th one of your grandparents, balloon decoration for birthday is something that no one avoids. Older days were different. Balloon decoration at home included pasting colourful rubber balloons here and there or just letting them move around freely on the floor. Things have changed.

The balloon decoration is not the same now. With the large variety in the material and design balloon decoration for birthday at home and in other spaces is emerging with new concepts. These trending ideas are sure to woo your birthday person and the guests.

In case, you stay in London or Waltham Forest, and search for balloon decoration near me, ‘OBalloons’ is going to be your choice for any balloon decoration for birthday. Here are 4 creative ideas that you can try now!

Four Trending Ways: Balloon Decoration For Birthday

When it comes to decorating with birthday balloons we have to focus on the backdrop of the cake cutting area, the material you are using, and of course the colour that goes with your theme. Why balloons? Because the word ‘party highlighter’ is apt for the balloons only!

Balloon Chandelier

Chandeliers always increase the beauty of any party. But, when it is about a birthday, balloon decoration in the form of a chandelier can highlight your party uniquely. The total concept is tying long ribbons on the inflated balloons and attaching pictures to the end of the ribbon. The balloons will be fixed on the ceiling in a particular pattern while the ribbons will hang downwards.

This is apt for balloon decoration at home, for your 3 or 5-year-old kid, where you can showcase your child’s images since birth and showcase them to the guests.

Balloon Garland

This is perhaps the most common form of balloon decoration for birthday. Whatever venue you are in, home, community hall, or even garden, making a garland with balloons and using them in the backdrop or any wall is good to go. It is very easy and less time-consuming. You just need to tie the different inflated balloons together in particular colour coordination and make a garland out of it.

Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is an innovative, common and at the same time grand idea for balloon decoration for birthday. It makes a wonderful backdrop for the cake cutting area. Also, the arch looks great at the entrance of the venue. Whether it is the balloon decoration for birthday at home or any other venue, definite two or three colours of the venue matched with the party theme makes the place grand and unique.

Candy Filled Balloons

Yes, this is very very common. However, innovations can be added to make this unique. Instead of handing one or two balloons from above, let’s reverse the concept of balloon decoration. We will fill candies inside a few big sizes balloons with beautiful prints on them. With the help of sticks, we will fix them on the ground at a height. We can also add glitters and confetti.

This decoration goes well for a kid’s birthday party and baby shower also.

The End Note

If we think of balloon decoration at home for birthdays or anniversaries, we always want something catchy and pleasant to see. There are several ways for balloon decoration for birthday at home or venue, among which these four are basic and very easy. If you want more, you are just a call away from “OBalloons”. We will be happy to show innovative ideas for balloon decoration for birthday and we are sure that you will definitely love them!

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