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Unique Birthday Party Ideas in London

Looking for ways to make your loved one’s birthday extra special? We have compiled a list of unique birthday party ideas in London to help you get started. A birthday cake and a dinner out can get boring after a while, but our unique birthday celebration in London will ensure that it is a night to remember. If everything goes well, the only problem now is figuring out how to top it next year. But don’t you think it is a good problem to have? Without further ado, here are some of London’s coolest and most unique birthday party ideas:


Brunch is a true staple in the lives of today’s millennials, and the weekend is rarely complete without a generous serving of Eggs Benedict and a spicy Bloody Mary. If you, like most people, adore brunch, here are the best spots to visit on your special day.

Allow your inner child to play

When you were a kid, birthday parties were simple: a little bowling, a quick round in the arcade, a plate of jelly and ice cream, bish bash bosh, and home to bed. Rowans allows you to recreate your ninth birthday party, but with the bonus of alcohol. Late-night bowling gives way to a hopping dance floor, and there is a pool, karaoke, and a slush puppy machine to keep you entertained when you remember that bowling is kind of the worst.

Take a brisk walk 

If you know where to look, London has a surprising number of green spaces to wander through and get lost in. The Green Chain walks wind through the city’s fields, parks, and hidden walkways. The 40-minute walk from Finsbury Park to Highgate is particularly pleasant, and you can always aim for one of the area’s many pubs – or Highgate Cemetery if you are feeling particularly pessimistic about your mortality.

Exciting Adventures

London is already a thrilling place to live, but if you want even more thrills and spills for your birthday in London, you are in luck! Theme parks near the city offer everything from towering roller coasters and horror-themed mazes to beachside merry-go-rounds. Secure your seatbelts!

Celebrate by seeing one of your favorite bands or singers perform live.

Whether you want to hear a classical candlelit concert or the heroes of Hip Hop, our comprehensive monthly gig guide has you covered. Spend your birthday singing your heart out and watching the best of the best. So, check out who’s performing on your special day, and get ready to sing along!

Afternoon Tea 

Given that birthdays are essentially all about cake, afternoon tea appears to be a very appropriate choice when it comes to finding the perfect way to celebrate in the city – and a good reason to include it in this roundup of the best birthday ideas in London, we say.


Okay, we know this is an article about birthday ideas in London, but sometimes you just want to get out of town – right?! For those of you who have succumbed to the travel bug and have yet to recover, here are some ideas for your birthday celebrations.

Whether you are looking for a low-key birthday getaway in the nation’s capital, a surprise party, or a birthday experience gift for a loved one, let us inspire and support you so that planning that special occasion in London is as easy and stress-free as possible.

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